A Day in the Life of a Make-Up Artist

I love love love what I do. Yesterday I had a commercial gig in fountain valley, which is in Orange County, CA about an hour drive with LA traffic from where I live.

I had a call time of about 11 a.m., which gave me the morning to prepare my makeup kit, shower, get ready, eat some breakfast, and get on the road. Pretty exciting morning I do have to say. Lol

As I was going through my check list making sure I had all my favorite brushes, sponges , powder puff, Kleenex, and towel I was also doing my own makeup and hair and then I had to fly out the door.

photo (77)

I was surprised that it only took me about 54 min with traffic!!!! A great way to start the day.

photo (76)

When I got there I was told that we where doing 3 commercials in one day with the same spokesperson. This job is so exciting because you never really know what they are going to throw your way. My main concern was how the three commercials will look…. So I talk to John, who is the director, and asked what kind of look did he want for all three commercials.. We both came to the conclusion that it was going to be a simple, all natural makeup and simple curls for the hair. We didn’t have to change the look because of the simplicity of using the same actress for all three commercials … We didn’t have time to waste since we only had ONE day and THREE commercials to shoot!!!!

photo (78)

I had about two hours because of the delay within the studio time slots .. So this gave me enough time to do hair and makeup on Lana my actress.

I decided to start with Lana’s makeup first, then move to her hair.


I started out by first prepping the skin for the makeup with some MUD primer. Once that was all dried, I moved over to her eyes and I decided to do a natural brown eye on Lana. I started with two colors from crown brushes eye palette in order to cover the entire eye. I then used MUD senna eyeshadow on the crease of the eye making sure to blend it perfectly so no hard lines where visible. Then I mixed two MUD eye shadow colors together and placed it on top of the senna color on the crease. I had to make sure it was perfectly blended before the proceeded. The next two colors added were wheat and honeysuckle, which were placed on the highlight and inner corner of the eye to give the eye a soft look The last part of getting Lana’s eyes make-up ready was adding the cakeliner, Mascara, and fake lashes.


To finish Lana’s look I had to mix two color that matched Lana’s skin perfectly. I used my Ve Neil foundation brush and a sponge. Once the foundation was dry … I worked my way up the contour of her face. First the cheek bones with some MUD bronzer called sunshine, then I placed this right under the cheek bone and brushed up, then I added the cream blush as a highlight on top of the cheek bone. Blending is the key y’all make sure that there aren’t any harsh lines!!!! Than I set Lana’s makeup with buttercream powder.Lastly for Lana’s lips I used a light pink gloss called cupid.

This was one exhausting yet fun afternoon can’t wait to do another commercial, show, or anything for that matter!!! Make-up is my life.

Thanks for reading,


How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

Step 1: Pick out the pair of lovely lashes that you want to wear for that day or for a night out. Got them … Good, let’s get Started!


Step 2: Take the Lashes that you picked out. Carefully detach the lashes from the case. Be careful not to pull too hard because that can rip the lashes.

Step 3: Next you want to measure the fake lash and see if it is a perfect fit. If not you will want to cut the fake lash to fit your lash line. Make sure when cutting the fake lash to cut right in front of the knots that you want gone, NOT behind! Dont worry if you mess up it is a leaning experience 🙂

Step 4: Apply a coat of mascara to both eye lashes once they are dry you can apply the fake lashes.


Step 5: Now you need to pick out your favorite lash glue. I have two brand that I like to use while I am on set. DUO eyelash adhesive and EVE Pearl eye lash glue! REMEMBER if you are allergic to latex get the nun latex kind, you don’t want to have any bad reactions around the eye area..It is a super sensitive spot!



Step 6: Pick up one of the fake lashes and your choice of eyelash glue. With the lash glue you want to squeeze a little bubble of glue. Now take the fake lash and drag it through the bubble of glue. Let the glue on the lash get a little tacky. Once its gets to this point you are ready to apply the lash.

Step 7: Applying the fake lash, that has glue, on your lash line. You want to bend the fake lash making sure to tack down the middle of the lash first than move over to the inner corner. Once you get that down move to the outer corner of the eye. If you are having trouble tapping it down, take the end of one of your brushes and push down the lashes.

Step 8: Repeat step 6 and 7 with the second lash.

Step 9: You will want to apply a second coat of mascara once your fake eye lashes. You want to do this in order for the fake lashes to become one with your actual eye lashes. This second coat will help with that.

Step 10: Enjoy and if you have any questions please ask! Good luck 😛