How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

Step 1: Pick out the pair of lovely lashes that you want to wear for that day or for a night out. Got them … Good, let’s get Started!


Step 2: Take the Lashes that you picked out. Carefully detach the lashes from the case. Be careful not to pull too hard because that can rip the lashes.

Step 3: Next you want to measure the fake lash and see if it is a perfect fit. If not you will want to cut the fake lash to fit your lash line. Make sure when cutting the fake lash to cut right in front of the knots that you want gone, NOT behind! Dont worry if you mess up it is a leaning experience 🙂

Step 4: Apply a coat of mascara to both eye lashes once they are dry you can apply the fake lashes.


Step 5: Now you need to pick out your favorite lash glue. I have two brand that I like to use while I am on set. DUO eyelash adhesive and EVE Pearl eye lash glue! REMEMBER if you are allergic to latex get the nun latex kind, you don’t want to have any bad reactions around the eye area..It is a super sensitive spot!



Step 6: Pick up one of the fake lashes and your choice of eyelash glue. With the lash glue you want to squeeze a little bubble of glue. Now take the fake lash and drag it through the bubble of glue. Let the glue on the lash get a little tacky. Once its gets to this point you are ready to apply the lash.

Step 7: Applying the fake lash, that has glue, on your lash line. You want to bend the fake lash making sure to tack down the middle of the lash first than move over to the inner corner. Once you get that down move to the outer corner of the eye. If you are having trouble tapping it down, take the end of one of your brushes and push down the lashes.

Step 8: Repeat step 6 and 7 with the second lash.

Step 9: You will want to apply a second coat of mascara once your fake eye lashes. You want to do this in order for the fake lashes to become one with your actual eye lashes. This second coat will help with that.

Step 10: Enjoy and if you have any questions please ask! Good luck 😛


Eyelashes Gone Wild

I have been thinking all day about what to write for you guys, and I was having some serious writers block, hate when that happens, as I was walking to the gym I thought of the most brilliant topic to address.

I LOVVVVE fake eyelashes. Get ready for some wild, entertaining, but always fun eyelashes from Make-up Forever. I will show you the greatest pair of lashes you will just HAVE to get.

Lets get all dazzled up!

The Victory Lash – When I saw these lashes I totally went into a freak-out moment! They are so super cute. These would be perfect for the baby doll or a sexy farmer’s girl photo shoot, or even just to jazz up on a day where you are feeling a little down! Who wouldn’t want to wear these amazing lash!?!? Think of all the adorable outfits that could go with this…. totally great for a themed party!


The 115 Erin Lash– Come in a pretty shade of pink and black, which makes them super fun eyelashs to play around with. These are great for a hot date-night or a girls’ night out, let’s face it every girl needs one. These lashes aren’t just for a fashion shoot, I would totally rock these bad boys out to a club or a night out on the town!


141 Jo – Happen to be some very patriotic feather eyelashes. These lashes are great for the Fourth of July parties and parades. I will be grabbing some pairs for the holidies, as well as for my make-up kit! These are also great for those dance or pom pom teams that dance in the Fourth of July festivalies!!!


140 Artemis – Are very classy eyelashes. These are perfect for those glamorous scenes on a movie set, or a vitage like photo shoot, but ladies lets get REAL!!! You can wear these beauties anywhere you go! Every lady needs a little bling to sparkleup their life … Why not use these lashes to make your inner diva come out???


144 Mariam – Need a little flare in their life?? Then these lashes are for you. I would totally Rock these out at the dance club on a Saturday night out! These are amazing lashes to cultivate that Rock n’ Roll feel in your photoshoot !


145 Janis – These blue and black lashes are one dangerous obsession. These would be totally great for naturally blue eyed girls, it really makes them pop and resonates well ont he camera.


Choose the Color of your Lips


Lipglosses jammed in the corner of every purse I carry, drawers full of lipsticks in every shade possible; I think it can be confirmed that I have an obsession… I love me some lip TARS you can never ever have too many colors! NEVER!

I love OCC, which stands for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics they are 100% vegan, which is awesome. As a make-up artist you need to have supplies for everyone, some clients prefer a certain brand because of its texture, color, feel, or even the fact that is not animal tested. That is why you always have to be prepared. With that said, I am going to show you 5 of my favorite lip tars from this amazing line!!!

Though I am a BIG BELIEVER that anyone can rock any lip color if:
A. They own the color like it’s their job
B. They have immense confidence, which you always should!!!

All of OCC LIP TARS are very vibrant colors enjoy!!!
*Note: apply, blot the lips, apply again, blot, and you’re good to go!


It’s so difficult sometimes to find an amazing RED color, but let me tell you the OCC has it down! This right here has saved me so many times on set! This color is called STALKER it is a classic red, but vibrant at the same time. Love love love!!! It is prefect for those 50s photos shoots!!


A lot of make-up brands don’t carry the color black, so when I found out that OCC did I just got super excited. Now I will not have to mix colors on set in order to get that perfect black, let’s face it time is precious. TARRED is great for that vampire look or gothic look! I can’t wait to put my order in to get it !!! Eeeeek, that’s the sound of a super excited make-up queen.


I have been a pink girl since I was little!!! So it’s no shocker that I have a pink shade to share with you! This lovely pink is called ANIME, so perfect for those sweet, soft, moment looks. This shade looks amazing when it is done with soft neutral brown eyes.


You’re probably wondering why I have this awesome blue called RX in my list. This is a fun color to play with while in your everyday life or on set.


Sometimes you have to live a little and have fun, why not with blue… We only live once right? So try it! You won’t be disappointed!


This color almost like a light neutral pink is called BRIDAL NEUTRAL, how appropriate hahaha. It’s super pretty for that big day!!!!


FEATHER is such a lifesaver!!! You can add it to any color and it dulls it down! It’s great for those days where you really want to wear that amazing color, but it’s just a little too intense for the occasion. A must have for all make-up artists!


You can purchase all these lip colors online at or if you live in New York stop by there store 174 LUDLOW STREET | NEW YORK, NY 10002